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I find it ironic that Coachella is supposed to emulate this hippie aesthetic, but yet the tickets are so expensive the only people you’ll see there are stuck up bourgeois shits wearing clothes even more expensive than the exorbitantly priced tickets that got them into Coachella in the first place.

She is not “my girl.”

She belongs to herself. And I am blessed, for with all her freedom, she still comes back to me, moment-to-moment, day-by-day, and night-by-night.

How much more blessed can I be?

—    Avraham Chaim, Thoughts after The Alchemist (via shayeofodile)

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“ Always expecting this and expecting that. May I recommend serenity to you? A life that is burdened with expectations is a heavy life. Its fruit is sorrow and disappointment. Learn to be one with the joy of the moment. ”

—    Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (via creatingaquietmind)

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everything that reminded me of you
is starting to remind me of her,
and that’s how I know
that I am finally over you.

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"Here. Here’s simple and happy. That’s what I meant to give you."

Beginners (2010)
Mike Mills

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Nuvem | 2013.

With his ‘Projecto Nuvem’ Argentinean artist Eduardo Coimbra brought the sky down to the ground and made it possible for us to walk through clouds and interact directly with his sculptural installation. This is exactly what the multimedia artist, who studied engineering and architecture, actually aimed for: to provoke people right where they live, where they move.

His huge site-specific installations seem like a synthetic constructions of our reality. He says that his work is related to space in a broader sense, many times forcing the boundaries between interiors and exteriors of art spaces. The three-dimensional work of clouds and skies, both motives that are very present in his work, consists out of five square light boxes, each 4.7 meters high, iron, translucent canvas printing, fluorescent lamps, and mirrors. Mirrors, that reflect the light during daytime and illuminated boxes that mimic the brightness at nighttime.

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I figured this would be one of those ‘Like 4 Like’ scenarios but photographer, Chino Otsuka did more than just recreate old memories - she added herself to the cemented moments of her past.

In her photo series, Imagine Finding Me she focuses more on her time spent traveling - often she is standing side by side her former self or merely seen passing through these old memories. 

Ostuko says,  ”things are not quite past or present, or somewhere in between… that has reflected from my upbringing, where I’m neither here nor there, and I’m not really Japanese or English.

photo credit: Chino Otsuka

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Do not teach your daughters to be ‘pretty.’

Do not entomb her in a pretty pink tower
and insist that only the degree of her physical appeal
may set her free.
Teach her to fight her way out,
to consume books and spit knowledge
to lesser boys who insist she is just beautiful
and nothing more.

Teach her to love her body
not to manipulate and put a price tag on herself
as a defined worth
she shall be immeasurable
she shall be more than this.

Do not let her break herself down
when the boy in kindergarden hits her
because he likes her.
What are you really teaching her?
Pain and love are not synonymous
neither are pretty and perfection.

Teach her to be kind
to be harsh
to be demure
to be wild
to be sensitive
to be thick-skinned

But good god,

Do not teach your daughters to be ‘pretty.’

—    Michelle K., Do Not Teach Your Daughters to Be ‘Pretty’ (via creatingaquietmind)

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Gerhard Richter | Untitled (22.1.2000, Firenze) | 2000

12 cm x 12 cm | Oil on colour photograph

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